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the big oh-two

Spring seems to be Birthday Season around here :-) On Sunday the 18th, we celebrated Lexi’s 2nd birthday. (My, how time flies — see the first time Lexi was big news…)

The day started with breakfast at our house. Randy and Denise were in town for a short business trip, and staying in our guest room, so they finally got to meet Lexi in person. Eric and Michelle brought over their waffle-maker, so between theirs and ours we were quickly able to make enough for everyone. And Nancy’s home-made pear syrup was a big hit too :-)


After breakfast, we walked over to Eric & Michelle’s house to get the party started! There were balloons and party hats, with steaks, chicken, and mushrooms on the grill.


And after lunch, of course, there were presents!





Among Lexi’s presents were a set of three “Nerf” type game balls… a football, basketball, and a soccer ball. We started up an informal game of volleyball, sometimes with more than one ball in play at a time! (Playing volleyball with a Nerf football ain’t easy, lemme tell you :-)

That’s me in the shadow on the right, about to get hit in the head by the ball, probably :-)


The game was called when Lexi decided we were done, and wanted all her balls back :-)


But she knew what she was doing, because then it was time for birthday cake! We all sang Happy Birthday, and Lexi told us she was Two Years Old today. Her favorite part of the cake were all the colored sprinkly dots in the icing :-)




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