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the big four-oh (part 2)

Chris and Jen (and Sirius) stayed overnight in our guest room, and the next morning we decided to go check out the Morgan Hill summer “Mushroom Mardi Gras” festival. It’s a charity event to raise money for local scholarships, with arts and crafts booths, food and wine, kiddie rides, petting zoo, and live music. Morgan Hill bills itself as the Mushroom Capitol of the World, so there were a wide variety of mushroom dishes to choose from (can you imagine how pleased I was to learn that? :-)




We had planned to meet up with Eric and Michelle at the festival, but it was such a large event we never ran into them! Actually we didn’t stay all that long, as it was a warm day and we had plans to go up to the City in the afternoon. I just happened to see this school bus as we were walking back from the festival — boy, this must be a really small school district! :-)


On the way back, we made a quick stop at our friend Michelle’s house (a different Michelle) Michelle was away for the weekend and we were taking care of her dog Nicki. Nicki’s a beautiful golden retriever, and is very playful and friendly. So don’t be too surprised if we get a golden of our own sometime soon! The hard part will be finding a dog who gets along well with our cat Willow (translation: leaves her alone :-)



In the afternon, we (Chris and Jen, and Nancy and I) drove up to the City, where we met Mark, Deb, and Mark and Nancy Fish at the scenic overlook north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Fishes are only in town for a couple days, so Mark and Deb are showing them the sights. We all walked about halfway across the bridge then back, though of course I discovered too late that I’d left the camera in the car!

Below: Mark Fish (Nancy is behind him), Chris, Jen, Mark, and Nancy. The Bridge is just out of the picture to the right, and San Francisco is behind Mark and Nancy (my Nancy; it was a bit confusing having so many Marks, Nancys and Michelles :-)


In the evening, we all headed away from the City to a little place tucked in the country near the ocean that Chris and Jen knew about called the Pelican Inn. It’s an English-style “public house” with a pub, restaurant, and bed-and-breakfast — very cosy, and great food and atmosphere!

fouroh19 fouroh20


Mark Fish showed us pictures from his recent mountain climbing trip on Mount Shasta. He had a lot of good pictures and stories, and it sounded like a lot of fun, but I think I’d just as soon keep my hiking down below the snow line :-)


Afterwards, Chris and Jen headed north back home, while the rest of us headed south. It was pretty late by the time Nancy and I got home — fortunately, the next day was Memorial Day, so we could sleep in! All-in-all, a pretty fun 40th birthday weekend :-)

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