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the big four-oh (part 1)

So it’s finally here… my 40th birthday! To celebrate, Nancy threw a big party on Saturday and just about everyone I know came: Mark and Deb, Don, Chris and Jen (and their dog Sirius), Eric and Michelle and Lexi, Jill and Merwin, Anne and Edwin, Pete, Wendy and Chad, and even Mark and Nancy Fish, who just happened to be visiting from the Midwest!

Michelle and Lexi, with Jen and Sirius


Our cat Willow found Sirius a little too playful, so she decided to spend the day watching the festivities from the top of the refrigerator :-)


Edwin and Deb


Michelle and Lexi


Eric, Michelle, and Lexi


Mark and Chris standing (with Mark Fish behind Chris, I think), and Anne, Nancy, and Michelle on the stairs


Anne, Nancy, Lexi, and Michelle


Don, Mark, and Merwin (I don’t remember whose shoulder that is :-)


Nancy put together a great afternoon buffet, with wine, cheese and crackers, fruit, veggies, and salads. My favorite was her roast chicken salad – yum! (And there were just enough leftovers for lunch the next day! :-)

Wendy, Jill and me around the table, and Edwin in the living room


Ice cream and cake time! Merwin, Jen, Nancy Fish, and Edwin, plus several other unidentified reaching arms :-) The cake was, of course, angel food cake (my favorite!) with one for me, and one for everyone else to share :-)


Group photo! Pete, Merwin, Jill, Mark, Wendy, me, Don, Chris, Deb (every crowd’s got a smark-aleck!), Jen. Mark’s wearing the RAGBRAI 14 t-shirt he got the year he, Randy Moore, and I went on the ride, which was in fact 14 years ago — how’s that for a coincidence? :-) I decided that to avoid a fire hazard, instead of having 40 candles on the cake, to just put a “4” and “0” shaped candles on the cake.


After the cake and ice cream, it was game time! It turned out that there were exactly as many people younger than 34 as there were 34 or older, so we split up into the “kiddie” and “geezer” teams for Pictionary (with yours truly as Captain of the geezer team, of course! :-) After a spirited, back and forth game, the Kiddies finally took the lead and won the game. We geezers claimed that we let them win, of course — that’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

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