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the rest of the tour

OK, it’s finally here, by popular demand: a tour of our house! :-) You’ve probably already seen enough pictures of the living room, so let’s start with the dining room.


Now we look through the passthru into the kitchen, which I know you’ve seen before, but I always like putting in pictures of Nancy :-)


Here’s the entry hall, with Nancy’s antique marble-top table. The kitchen door is just beyond it, and you can see the garage door all the way in the back past the office.


And here’s the office, with “his and hers” desks. Nancy’s is on the left, and mine is on the right.


Nancy took this picture of me sitting on the stairs.


At the top of the stairs, we briefly look left into the master bedroom


before continuing into the guest room. I’ve included several pictures of this room, so you can see the accommodations we have to offer when you visit :-) The futon couch folds out into a bed, which we’ve had good reports from our guests for comfort. As you can see, Willow enjoys this room too, because it gets the afternoon sun.





I’ve also included rough floor plans below, with the first floor on the left and the second floor on the right.

tour11 tour12

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