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the prodigals

Our friends Eric and Michelle moved away from California a year and a half ago, not long after the birth of their daughter, Lexi. (You may also recall that my first post was about the birthday party we threw for Eric two years ago.) After spending some time in the midwest they eventually settled in Florida, though they missed us just like we missed them. They had some nice things to say about living in Florida, but the heat and humidity (not to mention the bugs!) in the summers there were pretty bad. So recently, when Eric got a hot job prospect back here in Silicon Valley, they decided to make the move west yet again.

The only problem was that they didn’t yet have a place to live out here, and Eric had to start his new job pretty quickly. Nancy and I really like Eric and Michelle, so we decided to offer to let them stay in our guest room while they were house-hunting. We were very pleased when they gratefully accepted our offer! (I did have a bit of an ulterior motive: I hoped that by staying with us, they might come to like our little town as much as we do and decide to look for houses down here :-)

So Michelle and Lexi flew out west on a Wednesday afternoon while Eric started the long drive with their minivan. Over the next couple of days Lexi introduced me to the TeleTubbies (La La is her favorite),


and played with Willow,


while Michelle got to have adult conversations during the day for a change :-)


Michelle was understandably a little worried, since Eric was putting in long driving days, but fortunately he arrived safely on Saturday afternoon.


Not surprisingly, he promptly fell asleep.


The next day, after Eric woke up :-), Mark and Deb, Pete, and Don came down to welcome Eric and Michelle back to California. We grilled steaks, chicken, and portabella mushrooms. And Eric finally got to check his email — three whole days without email was pretty rough for him! :-)




Eric and Michelle did end up liking our town, and found a house to rent only two blocks away from us. It was a pleasure to have them as houseguests, and it’s great having them back in California, especially as neighbors!


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