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back to school

February 1, 2000 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m starting a new project with new group at work this month. So I’ve got a couple of short (1 week each) classes to take, to come up to speed on my new project’s technologies. Most such classes are taught on-site, but one of them is only available at a location in downtown San Jose. So all this week, I’ll be getting up early so I can catch the commuter train up to San Jose.

On the first day of class, I got to the train station just as the sunrise began to show on El Toro, the small mountain that stands over our little town.


The train arrived right on schedule.


At one point the tracks pass over the freeway — you can see why I decided to take the train, instead of drive! Instead of an hour drive in stop-and-go traffic, it was only about 30 minutes till we arrived in downtown San Jose.



The building where my class is being held is several blocks from the train station. Fortunately, the train schedule is such that I had plenty of time for a leisurely walk around downtown to find the right building.


I observed that downtown San Jose doesn’t have any really tall skyscrapers, compared to San Francisco, which I believe is actually a smaller city. Probably it’s because San Jose has more space for the downtown to spread out. Still, there’s a lot of very interesting architecture to admire. I’m sure I looked like a geeky tourist, taking so many pictures. :-)

One of our Iowa friends, Deb, happens to work downtown, so she knows lots of great lunch places. She and a few of her coworkers took me out to lunch yesterday.


When the wind is from the north, downtown San Jose is right under the path of airplanes landing at San Jose International Airport. Walking back to the train station after class, I happened to look up just in time to get a picture of one coming in.


I’m glad I had a few extra minutes before the southbound train arrived, because the downtown San Jose train station has several different tracks, and it took me a while to figure out which was the right one to wait at for my train.



By the time I got off the train at my hometown station, the sun was just setting. I enjoy taking the train — it’s much more relaxing (and often faster!) than driving. If I worked downtown, I’d definitely use the train for my commute rather than drive.



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