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side trip to dc

November 14, 1999 Leave a comment Go to comments

On yet another business trip to North Carolina (this one for two weeks) I flew up to Washington D.C. for the weekend to take Cal up on his invitation to come visit the next time I was on the East Coast. He and Joni bought a new house of their own this summer, built from scratch to their specifications, and I was eager to let them “show it off” :-)



It’s a really beautiful home, with a “grand entrance hall” just inside the front door. I’ve tried to get a picture of the entryway, by composing four individual pictures — a little rough, but hopefully you get the idea.


To the left is the formal dining room, and to the right is the formal living room and the library. Upstairs are the master bedroom and 3 family/guest bedrooms. The hallway leads to the family room and kitchen. The basement is currently unfinished, but Cal has plans for that too. It’s surprising to see how much more house you get for the same money than in California, and Cal pointed out that the basement alone is bigger than the whole house he grew up in in small-town Iowa!

Here’s the view across the family room to the kitchen.


Here is Matty, their “lemon beagle”, who is very friendly and well-behaved. She likes to chase thrown toys, and skids around corners on the wooden floors. :-)



We all went out to dinner Friday night, but Saturday morning Joni flew to New York City for a hair stylist seminar with a famous stylist, which left Cal and me to fend for ourselves the rest of the weekend. Cal’s nephew J.J. was in town visiting too, and we caught a suspense-thriller movie and set up several of Cal’s computers to play network action-adventure games (did I mention that Cal’s a techno-dweeb too? :-) Then Sunday afternoon it was time for me to fly back to North Carolina and get back to work.

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