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This weekend we had a mini-reunion of sorts, when Cal, an old Iowa friend of Mark, Don, and mine came to visit. We three knew Cal from our early days of college, but he’s been living in the Washington D.C. area for many years. So we were delighted to hear last week that Cal was in L.A. for a conference and was taking a side-trip flight up to the Bay area to see us on his way home!

Here, Deb, Nancy, Pete, Cal, and Don watch Willow watching me take her picture. Mark is just out of the picture to the left, in the rocking chair.


We spent most of the afternoon chatting, reminiscing about old times, and catching up with what’s been going on with Cal and Joni and filling him in on what was new with us. Our biggest news was pretty obvious, since we were sitting right in the middle of it! :-) Cal and Joni have a new house too, and I’m going to take a side-trip of my own next weekend during my business trip to North Carolina to visit them.

Willow was very friendly, and seemed to like having people around to play with, after a little while to get used to everybody.


Nancy and I have been pretty busy lately furnishing our new home, and Mark and Deb got to enjoy our latest acquisition: a two-person rocking chair. Very cosy, especially on a chilly evening with a warm fire, but also good for an afternoon get-together. We were lucky — we got the last one of a discontinued series!


This being a reunion, Cal suggested posing for a reunion photograph, and set the camera up with the timer so we could all be in it. (Back row: Don and Cal Middle: Nancy and Dave Front row: Deb, Mark, and Pete)


And another — musical chairs!


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