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moving day

November 4, 1999 Leave a comment Go to comments

OK, today wasn’t really Moving Day, since Nancy and I have been in our new home for over a month. But it’s been an extremely busy month, and so I’m just now getting the time to put up the pictures from our move-in.

Moving Day was a Thursday in late September. With lots of help from our friends the previous weekend, we had pretty much everything packed up and ready to go before the movers arrived.


The movers arrived at 9:30am. Nancy and I just stayed out of the way as the crew carried the furniture and boxes outside, while Keith, the driver and crew chief, loaded and arranged everything in the truck. It took all morning and into the afternoon, but eventually the stacks of boxes to be loaded dwindled down to the last few…




Finally, in mid-afternoon, Keith shut the doors to the truck and Nancy and I shut the doors to the apartment, and we all set off to our new town.


Unfortunately, the afternoon commute had already started, so it was a pretty slow drive. We arrived about an hour later, and the unloading began. Since we were having most of the new home’s carpets replaced the following week, we had to have Keith and crew unload most things into the garage. That made the unloading a whole lot faster than the loading had been. Then Keith and crew took off, and we started the unpacking. (If I tell you now that the new carpets are in, and everything’s pretty much unpacked and arranged, not to mention the new couch, desk, bookshelves, and washer and dryer,then you’ll know why it’s been a busy month for us! :-)


The first priority for unpacking was making the kitchen usable. Well, second really, but putting the bed together was really quick.)


By the time we had all the top priority first-day unpacking done, it was getting on toward evening.


It was a gorgeous sunset, so I took advantage of the break to take some pictures of the views from the upstairs balconies. Here is the view west from the balcony off the guest bedroom:


Here is the view northeast from the master bedroom’s balcony:


That night, with the windows open, we heard the crickets chirping — that’s how quiet our neighborhood is. That may not be noteworthy for those of you still in the Midwest, but it’s the first time I’ve lived in such a quiet area here in California :-)

Here are the same views, taken the next morning. To the west are the Santa Cruz Mountains; the Pacific Ocean is on the other side of them. You can see that the eastern hills are still summer-brown, but that will change once the winter rains begin.



We really like our new home — much roomier than the apartment, with a two-car garage, a shorter commute for me, and a much more quiet, small-town atmosphere. We’re very close to the largest state park in northern California, with hiking and backpack camping.

We visited the animal shelter our second weekend in the new place and adopted a cat named Willow (the apartment complex didn’t allow pets). She’s a four year old brown and black tabby with a very bushy tail, and she definitely acts as if she owns the place! :-)



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