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i wanna go to berkeleyland!

Our friend Anne will be starting school in the fall, working toward her doctorate at the Wright Institute in Berkeley. She was interested in exploring her options for taking mass transit to school, to avoid the commuter traffic along the East Bay. The Wright Institute is very close to the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, and also to Berkeley’s famous (infamous? :-) campustown area, which Nancy, and Anne’s husband Edwin, had not yet visited. So we four came up with the plan one Saturday afternoon of making an Adventure of taking BART (the Bay Area Rapid Transit) to Berkeley.

The BART trains are silver and streamlined, and remind me of the monorail train at Disneyland. On weekends the trains run every 20 minutes, so you never have to wait long. About an hour later we arrived at the underground station in downtown Berkeley. Another ten or fifteen minute walk brought us to a map store I knew about. Edwin picked up Berkeley campus map, which we studied in a close-by coffeeshop to find the Wright Institute.


We found the Institute with little difficulty, only a five minute walk more. It’s in a beautiful old building in the fraternity/sorority neighborhood. Unfortunately it was closed on Saturday, so Anne couldn’t give us a tour. But it was easy to conclude that taking BART to school would be a very good alternative to driving for her.


Once we’d accomplished our main objective for the day, we decided to walk around the Berkeley campus. It’s a very pretty campus, with lots of trees and impressive buildings, set on the slope of the foothills above San Francisco Bay.

Edwin took a picture of Nancy and me kissing on the promenade under the Campanile. Awww, aren’t we cute? :-)

berkeley3 berkeley4

After our tour of the campus, we walked down Telegraph Avenue in the campustown area, which turns into a street fair every weekend. Both sides of the street are lined with sidewalk vendors and their booths, selling about everything you can imagine: t-shirts, jewelry, incense, books, bumper stickers, dresses, art… you name it!

Just about the time we decided we were getting hungry, we came across an Ethiopian restaurant I knew about. After dinner we made our way back to the BART station and headed for home. I always have a good time in BerkeleyLand! :-)


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