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4th of july party

Jill and Merwin threw a big party at their house for the 4th. They provided the grill and barbecued meats, and everyone else brought side dishes, drinks, desserts, and their appetites! :-)

They also had plenty of games, just like at our family get-togethers when I was growing up. Here, Don and I are setting up the badminton net in the front yard. (When I wasn’t looking, he and Merwin tied its support strings to the Jeep.)


It’s been a long time since I played badminton, but that was true for everybody else too. The toughest part was avoiding the large tree overhanging their front yard that loved to eat the birdies!


The grill, food, and drink were set up in the back yard. Some of Merwin and Jill’s friends from southern California made it up to visit. Nancy and I had met a few of them last summer at Merwin and Jill’s wedding, and it was fun seeing them again. (That’s Jill on the left, with Dana, Lisa, and Sean around the table.)


There was a horseshoes area set up in the back yard too, and Nancy and I took on Merwin and Don. They jumped out to an early lead, but Nancy and I caught up once we got warmed up. :-) After the game, Don demonstrated another use for horseshoes. (He wasn’t in too much danger of hurting himself — they’re plastic.)


In the evening, we all went out in the front yard to watch the fireworks. Jill learned from the neighbors that in previous years the fireworks had been set off closer to the neighborhood, so the display had been amazing. But worried about the fire hazard, they were now set off from a barge floating in the Bay, and so weren’t quite so spectacular. Even so, it was fun, and we didn’t have to fight any crowds.

After that, we sat down to play card games. Not your ordinary card games, mind you, like spades or pitch. Merwin has a collection of eclectic and often silly card games — in one, the rules of the game keep changing based on the card played; in another, each player is a zombie fast-food worker, and you can’t make certain plays unless you have possession of the “brain”. :-)


All in all, a very fun Fourth!

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