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a sausalito wedding

Nancy’s friends Irene and Amy from Iowa were in the Bay area as bridesmaids in the wedding for another friend of theirs (Cynthia) in mid-May. Irene’s husband Craig, and Amy’s husband Dan came too, along with Amy and Dan’s one year old boy, Jonah. Cynthia put everyone in the wedding party up at a posh Sausalito hotel, and was nice enough to arrange for a suite for Amy and Dan so that Nancy and I could come up and spend the weekend too. We babysat with Jonah during the ceremony itself and during the formal part of the reception, but the rest of the time we got to spend catching up with Amy, Dan, Irene, and Craig. We were even invited to the rehearsal dinner at a great Mexican restaurant in Tiburon!

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night, and the wedding was on Saturday evening, so we had Saturday morning to have a leisurely breakfast and chat on the hotel’s sundeck. Here, “auntie” Irene helps Jonah with his breakfast.


After breakfast, and while Irene and Amy were off getting their hair and makeup done, Dan, Jonah, Nancy, and I drove to nearby Muir woods for a walk. We had a good hike around the very impressive redwood forest that’s been preserved here. Jonah preferred being carried around in daddy’s backpack! :-)


Sunday morning it was time to pack everyone up and get Amy, Dan, and Jonah off to the airport for their return flight to Iowa. Here’s Amy and Jonah waiting for me to bring the car around.


It was great seeing them again, and I know Nancy has missed them all a lot. It’s just too bad we had such a short time to visit this trip. But we’re looking forward to our next extended visit to Iowa, hopefully this fall, so we can spend more time with them.

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