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Nancy and I have been busy enjoying setting up housekeeping together :-) , in between my regular work and Nancy working on her master’s thesis. In March I made another business trip to North Carolina, and happily Nancy was able to join me. We’d enjoyed the B&Bs so much on our trip west in January that we decided to find one in the Raleigh area for this trip. On the Internet, we found a delightful place called “The Inn at Bingham School”, located 10 miles outside Chapel Hill.


The Inn was originally an academy for boys, but the buildings had fallen into disrepair after the school closed. The owners have photo albums showing the renovations that turned the historic school into a cosy bed and breakfast.


Our room was a separate little building that originally had been the milkhouse. The bedroom had floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, facing away from the house towards the nearby woods. Nancy brought her laptop, and worked on her thesis from the comfort of a rocking chair while I drove to work each day in the computer lab. :-)




I enjoyed watching the sun come up in the mornings. That’s something I don’t really get to do in the Bay area, because the high eastern hills block the sun until it’s pretty high in the sky. Watching the sunrise through the still bare branches of the trees reminded me of growing up on the farm in Iowa.



It wasn’t all thesis work for Nancy. One afternoon, she visited Chapel Hill’s arboretum.




While admiring the scent of these flowers, she noticed that a bee had an interest in them too! :-)


Over the weekend, we visited the art museum. Some of Nancy’s favorite exhibits were these tiny, ancient glass jars:

northcarolina12 northcarolina13

and this painting:


We really enjoyed our stay at the Inn and the Raleigh/Chapel Hill area, especially the UNC-Chapel Hill campustown. We gave serious thought to the possibility of living here, but the heat and humidity of the Southern summers would be just a bit too much. Oh well, but it’s certainly a great place to visit in the spring! :-)

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