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nancy’s day in waimea valley

I’m back in California now, but Nancy’s still living it up in Hawaii without me! Here’s her report from one of her fun days in paradise. :-)

Waimea Valley

I’ve been staying in Hawaii with my cousins, helping out with the arrival of their new baby. One Saturday, Chris treated me to an excursion in beautiful Waimea Valley. We went on a horseback ride near the top of the valley. The owner/trainer of the horses explained to us that he is a polo player, and that the horses are Thoroughbreds trained for polo play. It was a beautiful day and the guide was kind enough to take a picture of us with our camera. Chris is on Ducky and I am on Lahoya.


After we were done with our ride, we had lunch at Waimea Valley Park. I was delighted to find some very friendly peacocks. Thanks for the photo op guys!



We went on an ATV ride in the park and got plenty muddy. This is after the ride, and those are (were) blue jeans that Chis is wearing. Say “Cheese” Chris.


Next, we walked up into the park to Waimea Falls where they had a diving show. If you look to the lower right of this photo, you can see a diver standing on a rock getting ready to dive. Eventually, the divers dove from a height of about fifty feet.


Splash! The two splashes beside the bottom of the falls is the divers hitting the water from a diving point at the top of the falls.


On the way through the park, we stopped off at a replication of a native Hawaiian village. This is a hut that women in the tribe used.


This is a cooking hut where the men grilled fish, chicken and pork.


This is a hut where women and children ate their meals. I thought it seemed like a “pretty-good-deal” that the men cooked and the women and children got to eat. Chris kindly pointed out that women only got to eat certain foods. They weren’t allowed to eat pork and some types of fish.


This is the surf at Waimea Beach, a popular place for surfers and where big competitions are held. Chris drove up from the valley and parked at the side of the road so I could get this shot of the magnificent ocean.


What a great view!


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