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mele kalikimaka!

December 23, 1998 Leave a comment Go to comments

Nancy’s cousin Chris and his wife Rie live on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. They’re expecting their first child Jasmine “any day now”. They invited Nancy and I to visit them for Christmas, and Nancy will be staying for a month to help out Chris and Rie. Neither Nancy or I has been to Hawaii before. Here’s how Nancy described our visit so far in email home:

Hi all! Arrived safely in Hawaii on Saturday, after some stress about my flight out of Omaha being changed to an earlier one that had already left by the time I got to the airport (long story :-). Anyway, they arranged to get me to San Francisco in time (barely) to catch my connecting flight to Honolulu with Dave, and I got to fly first class (a very nice change) from Omaha to Denver.

Chris and Rie (and Jasmine)


Hawaii is BEAUTIFUL! Chris and Rie’s apartment is in Kailua on Oahu. Beautiful place. The beach next to their apartment is absolutely heavenly; about a 10 minute walk. Creamy sand, warm water, and blue/green ocean; amazing! It’s like a natural sedative. The breeze is gentle and just the right temperature. We took a hike around a really cool scenic outlook; more beautiful blue/green ocean and creamy sandy beaches for miles.

hawaii02 hawaii03

hawaii04 hawaii05

Northeast toward California


We spent a couple afternoons at Sea Life Park. Very fun place! Got to see some really exotic looking tropical fish in a huge tank that you can walk around the outside of in a spiral from top to bottom. One of the shows is presentation about the creatures in this tank while they’re being hand-fed by a diver. Inside are sting rays, lots of tropical fish and a green sea turtle. The rays come up to the diver and they do this slow motion water ballet while she pets and feeds them; really beautiful creatures. I guess they are very skittish and it takes quite a bit of training to be able to interact like that. The turtle was fed by putting the fish on a stick, so the diver doesn’t lose any fingers :-).




Got to see a dophin, seal, and penguin show. They explain how the animals are trained and give general information about them. They do an exercise showing how the dolphin echo-locates things in the sea using a suction cup blind fold and some rings tossed into the tank; the noise they make is that cute quasi-chirping sound and they use it to find the rings. Fascinating.



a very camera-friendly frigate bird


this octopus isn’t shy either


Say ‘cheese’! :-)


Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaiian for “Merry Christmas”, so Mele Kalikimaka to all our dear friends and family from Nancy and me!

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