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the change of seasons

October 14, 1998 Leave a comment Go to comments


It’s been cooler and cloudier the last few weeks, which is the signal for autumn here in California. The rains won’t start until winter, which makes this ideal hiking and biking weather. It’s also great for evenings by the fireplace, though that’s not as much fun without Nancy.

If you recall from my March 11 post (a walk in the sun), I showed pictures of the hills around where I work during the winter rainy season. I occurred to me yesterday that I never got around to showing the changes they go through once the rains stop in the summer. Also, with all my business travel this year, I haven’t kept up with my walking program as much as I would like. So I grabbed the camera and took a stroll around the jogging trail over lunch.


The comparison is striking. All the grass has turned brown while the oak trees’ leaves have filled out, giving the hills a wonderful tawny color with deep green highlights.


The almond orchard is looking good. (Too bad I don’t like almonds :-)


Over the summer, the grassy flats are mowed and baled, and the hay bales stacked. By this time, most of the bales have been hauled away. In fact, as I write this, from my office window I can see workers loading up the rest of this pile onto a truck.


But in just a few months the rains will start, the hills will turn green, and the whole process will start again.

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