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guess who’s coming to dinner?

September 10, 1998 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the important milestones in a relationship is meeting your significant other’s friends and family. Nancy and I took the opportunity of my recent business trip to North Carolina to add a stopover in Iowa, so that I could meet her parents and she could meet mine.

On Saturday evening, Nancy and I drove down to Des Moines to have dinner at her parents’ house. Nancy’s mom, Neva, made a wonderful roast beef dinner, with some very tasty brownies with chocolate mint frosting for dessert (we took a bundle of brownies home with us! :-) Nancy’s aunt Ruth was visiting, too, so I got to meet her as well. After dinner, we adjourned to the back yard, where I got to see the goldfish pond that Nancy’s dad, Bob, had constructed, complete with a lily pads and a fountain! They all made me feel very welcome.

The next morning, we got up early for the drive down to the farm, where the whole clan (Mom and Dad, siblings, spouses, nieces and nephews) were waiting to meet Nancy. Don and Brenda brought lots of great food, and a cake for Nancy with “Welcome to the Family!” written on the frosting. :-) After lunch, some stayed inside in the cool and napped or played boardgames, while others sat out on the deck watching the little ones play in the pool. Nancy and I brought Jesse with us, and she loved the attention from all the new people. :-)

Unfortunately, I forgot and left my camera at Nancy’s place the whole weekend, so I don’t have any pictures of either of our family get-togethers. Hopefully, I’ll remember for Thanksgiving.


Since Nancy and I have very little time together this year, I took a week of vacation to just relax at her place and be domestic. But little did I know that I wasn’t done with the “meeting friends and family”! :-) Nancy’s (male) cat, Yosco, is very attached to her (as you can see in the picture below), and can be very jealous of anyone else stealing Nancy’s affections.


So Yosco and I had to get to know each other, as “the two men in the family” :-) That didn’t take too long, since while Nancy was away during the day at class or work I did a lot of napping, so Yosco probably decided that I was another (large) cat. Pretty soon, I’d wake up from a nap to find him laying across me, purring like a kitten!


Just so you don’t think I was too lazy, I did take Jesse for a walk across campus every day to Nancy’s office, so we could walk home with her. :-)

Thursday night was the next “meeting”, this time with Nancy’s friends. We invited over Irene, Joan, and Amy for a dinner party. Irene brought sourdough bread, Joan brought flowers for the table, and Amy brought her daughter Sydney. Nancy made pasta with her own homemade pesto — delicious! My job was setting the table, putting out the appetizers and munchies, pouring the wine, and listening to all the interesting stories Nancy’s friends could tell about her! :-)

(In the picture, that’s Irene on the left, Amy, Sydney, Joan, and me.)


Sydney was a lot more interested in playing with Jesse than sitting still while the grownups chatted.


At the end of the evening, Nancy and I agreed that as a couple, we both were blessed with wonderful friends and family!


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