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chris and jen visit

We had a wonderful surprise this weekend: Chris (my longtime friend from Kansas City, for those of you who don’t know) brought his new significant other, Jen, to California!


Chris’ mom lives south of the Bay area, along the central coast, and Jen’s folks live in the wine country north of the Bay. So when Chris called to ask if we’d like him and Jen to stop by for a day between the two families, we said “Yes!” So Don, Mark, Deb, Pete, and I arranged one of our “traditional” grill-outs for Chris and Jen. We grilled chicken, swordfish, and lots of vegetables, and we all introduced ourselves to Jen. Chris also brought his dog Sirius along for the cross-country drive. Sirius is still very much a puppy, even with his size. He’s a lot of fun, though a little rambunctious sometimes! :-)


Later in the afternoon, we all went downtown to shoot some pool. Turns out that Jen is quite the pool sharp, and gave us all a run for our (metaphorical) money! Chris and Jen really want to move out to California permanently, probably up near Jen’s folks, hopefully in the next year. That will be great, having them only an hour or two drive away, rather than two time zones and a 5 hour flight — we’ll be able to go whale-watching, camping, hiking, and pool playing as often as we want!

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