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music on a sunny sunday

My favorite local band, Rebecca’s Mask, most often plays in the evenings at coffeeshops and bookstores. But occasionally they play at local art, wine, and music festivals, which are common in the Bay area in every season but winter. Sunday afternoon in San Jose’s downtown plaza, the band was invited to play at the “Taste of Silicon Valley” festival. This festival, with wine and food-tasting booths and several stages for music, was a benefit for a local charity “dedicated to helping individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.”

Mark does the sound work for the band, and he and I went downtown early to help set up, and then enjoy the show. The first task is putting up the band’s logo banner. That’s Rene, the band’s manager, holding the corner of the banner while discussing where to put it with Mark and Rebecca.


Next, we started filling up all the helium “Rebecca’s Mask” balloons. There’s Rene, Mark, and Bob. Bob’s another fan of the band, who’s always willing to help out with loading or unloading or whatever needs to be done.


[Other band members started showing up, setting up and tuning their instruments. Here’s Kevin, who plays bass and acoustic guitar.


And here are Greg and Caryn. I guess you’d call Greg the band’s leader. He plays acoustic six and twelve string guitar, and electric guitar at club gigs, and sings backup vocals. Caryn’s the newest member of the band. She plays acoustic guitar, sings backup vocals, and can belt out some mean blues on some of her own songs she’s brought to Rebecca’s Mask.


As “showtime” approached, it got pretty busy on stage.


The festival had it’s own sound system and sound people, so Mark was left without his usual work. He and I filled a lot of balloons, and Rene tied bunches of them to the chairs and tables around the plaza.


But finally all the setup was done, and it was showtime!



After the show (which was great!), it was time to help take everything down so the next band could get set up, and give the band members some time to greet new fans.


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