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rhymes with P

“We got trouble, right here in River City! That’s Trouble, and that starts with T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool!”

It was Thursday evening, and like many Thursday evenings we headed downtown to our favorite billiards parlor, South First Billiards. (We had the VCR recording the final Seinfeld :-) John was in town visiting from Omaha, so we dragged him along to show him how we party on the West Coast — that’s him peeking into the picture on the left, while Don strides on in carrying his own pool cue in its special case.


Deb and her former coworker Timmy were already there, with a game in progress. South First is a combination pool place and art gallery, with the works of local artists and photographers displayed on the walls.


We play “9 ball” almost exclusively, in which only the first nine balls are used. On each shot, the cue ball must always strike the lowest numbered ball on the table first. The goal, though, is to sink the 9 ball. So if you sink the 9 ball you win, no matter how many other balls are left on the table. This is Deb getting advice from Don on her next shot.


So we played pool…


and played…


and played…

The days are getting longer, but as the sun sank lower it began to cast shadows across the table. We could have moved to another table, or asked that the blinds be closed, but we just let it add another degree of difficulty to the game.


Here I am, contemplating my next shot.


Later on Timmy had to leave, but Mark and Pete showed up. Mark could only stay for a game or two, as one of the bands he does sound for had a practice that evening. Pete’s a little camera-shy, so I had to be sneaky to get this shot! :-)


So we played…


and played…


South First also serves food and drink. We ordered a pizza, and those who weren’t driving had a few drinks too. I had several ice teas (Tejava is my favorite, but no lemon please). After a few drinks, Don put on a juggling show for us! :-)


Here’s Don and his favorite waitress, Lisa. We’ve been pretty steady customers for her for the last year or so. She’s “one of the most promising Bay Area artists” (according to a local newspaper article), and is leaving soon to pursue an advanced art degree on the East Coast. Very cool!




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