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a pastel sunset

Tuesday while driving home after work, I suddenly decided to turn south instead of north when I got to Highway 17. I drove through Santa Cruz, stopping only long enough to get a loaf of french bread and a bottle of water for dinner. I drove north along Highway 1 until just before sunset.


I just sat and watched for a while… … then I went for a walk along the beach. As I walked, I could hear the rushing sound of the waves churning the sand.





Every sunset is different. Today’s was not one of the firey, spectacular kind, but was a quiet, pastel, fade-to-purple sunset. As the sun went down it got chilly very quickly. I’m glad I brought the coat I’d bought but not needed for the ski trip!

sunset06 sunset07


By the time I got back to the jeep it was nearly dark, and the moon was getting high in the sky. Watching the sun set on the beach is one of my favorite weekend activities, but it was especially good as a break in the work week.



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