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a saturday adventure

I woke up early this morning (early for a Saturday, that is) with one plan in mind: to get up to the City today to buy tickets for next weekend’s Marc Cohn concert. But nothing is ever that easy!

We’ve all been pretty busy recently, and the last time we were at the beach was for whale watching at Point Reyes in January. So Don, Mark and Deb, and I decided to take the scenic route up from Santa Clara to San Francisco. We drove south to Santa Cruz, then turned north along Highway 1 along the coast until we got to one of our favorite beaches.


It’s been a pretty stormy winter, and I was curious how much sand had been carried away by the winter waves. It was amazing! I’d guess that about the beach was about 10 feet lower than last summer. Someone had collected all the driftwood left on the beach from the storms, and built a log cabin. Waves were crashing through the archway that normally leads to the other beaches to the south.


Don the daring photographer dashed across the receding surf and climbed on a rock outcrop that normally is only about half as exposed, in order to get close-up shots of the surf pounding through the archway.


I followed, to get a shot of him getting the shot. That went OK, but my timing climbing back down wasn’t so good and a wave snuck up on me from behind. Fortunately I saw it in time, and dashed away fast enough to only get wet to the ankles while everyone around laughed!


Since we couldn’t get through the archway to the rest of the beach, we climbed back up the the road and walked along the top of the cliff so Don could get more photographs.


His photographs will look something like this. I want to go back sometime this summer for comparison photos.


We drove north a few miles to Greyhound Rock, but the path down to the beach was closed due to mudslides.


So while we decided what to do next, I took a picture of Mark and Deb with their new car, so their friends and relations back in the midwest can be properly envious! (grin)


We decided we were done with the beach for the day, and headed up to the City to get the concert tickets. Unfortunately, when we got there the box office was closed. A nice woman answered our knock, so we thought we were in luck. Unfortunately again, she said that the show was already sold out! Needless to say, we were pretty bummed out about it.


To make up for the disappointment, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner and shopping at Ghirardelli Square, on the waterfront. We chose the restaurant La Pasta, due to my love of fettucini alfredo. Since it was such a pleasant evening (upper 60’s, I’d guess), we kept our jackets on and picked out a table in the plaza. A jazz saxophonist was nearby, playing slow and bluesy, just the way I like it.


Mark pointed out that I’m not in very many of my pictures, and offered to take a picture of me to prove that I had been there, too! (grin) Hi Mom!


Our server was fantastic and the food was excellent, both of which brightened our spirits immensely. She wasn’t wearing a name tag, so we made it a game to try to guess it. We were way off, until she gave us the clue that everyone called her by a three letter boy’s name. Don got it right, with the guess of “Mel”. We asked Mel if she would mind taking a picture of us all together, and she very kindly agreed. You can’t really tell in the twilight, but behind us is San Francisco Bay, with Mark almost directly in front of Alcatraz Island.


By the end of our leisurely meal, we were all feeling great. Thanks again, Mel!


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