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the anti-hat party


Mark, Deb, Don, Pete, and I were invited to the birthday party for Matt, one of Mark’s coworkers. For several years, the party’s theme has been “anti-hat”, in which guests wear as headgear something that was never intended to be a hat. Here is Matt (in the middle), with his roommates Mark and Mark.


Matt had a table covered with dozens and dozens of little toy trinkets. Each person was given five poker chips to give out to whoever’s anti-hat they liked best. At midnight, the person with the most chips was declared the winner, and got first pick of the prizes on the table. Everyone followed in order, until everyone had as many prizes as they wanted (since there were so many prizes). Here’s Matt the birthday boy, and his favorite prize!


Matt had a bunch of pictures from previous years’ anti-hat parties, so some people put them together into a big collage.


After the collage was done, we put it up over the fireplace and started a game of Pictionary. Mark, Deb, Don, Pete, and I left around 2am, and the game was still going strong. Everyone had a good time, and I know I met some great new people!


Some of my favorite anti-hats:

“Little House on the Prairie” This was by far the most popular anti-hat. Those are real flowers!


“License Plate Guy”


“Coke Bear Girl”


“Mac vs. PC”


“Yes-No Guy”


“Frisbee Balancer” The frisbee and the balls on top are not fastened down; she’s just balanced them all night. I was very impressed!


“Parrot Guy” Also very popular, the parrot squawked “Awk! Gimme a chip! Gimme a chip!”


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